How and When To Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

How and When To Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

IntroductionHair loss is said to be one of the most common hair issues. With the advent of new styling techniques for hair, hair loss has increased significantly. Use of chemicals and hair styling treatments badly affect hair (most of the times). It has been seen that people who use chemicals and gels more often have weak hair. However this is just one factor that causes loss of hair. The list of factors that result in hair loss is potentially very large.

It isn’t important how you lose hair but the question that you might be interested in what you can do for hair growth? What you can do to make your hair look strong and shinny?

There are numerous things you can do with your hair for growth and ultimate shine but of course, you cannot apply all those methods and techniques, neither it is suggested to follow all the methods. Personally, I feel more comfortable with natural treatments or I should call herbal treatments
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Why use hair oil for hair growth?When hair growth is the concern, the best thing available is none other than hair oils. Why?

When you use a hair oil on your hair (and scalp), you are using a natural ingredient which has negligible amount of chemicals added in it. Even if hair oil doesn’t do any good to your hair, it will not going to hurt them at all because you are using oil that has been extracted from a natural ingredient like fruit, herb, vegetable etc.

It is just like eating an apple. Even if an apple a day doesn’t keep you away from a doctor, it will not harm you, right?

When to use castor oil for hairHere is when you should use castor oil for your hair.

Castor oil can be used for hair growth, hair shine, darkening and for hair loss. So when you see that you are losing hair at a much quick rate, you need to think of using castor oil to stop hair loss.

Split ends is a very common issue but you don’t have to worry for split ends now. Use of castor oil can help you get rid of split ends.

Scalp infections including scalp dryness
wholesale brazilian hair can be best treated with castor oil massage. I mean when you decide to use castor oil for hair growth or to massage your scalp, you have to use it the right way to get most out of it. There is always a right way to use castor oil for hair.

While most of the experts will suggest you to apply castor oil on your hair before shampooing them but I don’t recommend it. You need to wash your hair and ensure that they are clean and tidy before you apply any oil on them.

Heat the castor oil mildly. Add castor oil in a bowl so that you can heat it easily. It is OK to add other oils in the bowl for instance you can add olive oil or perhaps coconut oil in the bowl. There is no harm in adding multiple oils in the bowl.

Once you have added oil(s) in the bowl, put the bowl on the stove. Or alternately, you can put the bowl in a hot water tub. In either case, you should ensure that oil doesn’t get very hot. Just heat it up mildly so that you can use it easily.

If your hair is completely dry, spray them to make them a little moist. It is better to divide your hair in different patches. Apply oil on a single patch at a moment. Massage hair gently. Make sure that you use a small amount of oil and massage the patch completely. Castor oil needs a little time to absorb therefore you should massage continuously until a fair portion is absorbed.

Once one patch is done, move to the next one.

Hair massage isn’t enough rather you need to massage your scalp too. Take some castor oil and massage your scalp gently with your finger tips in circular motions. Make sure that all the oil is absorbed in the scalp because if it isn’t absorbed in the scalp, it will be useless to massage your scalp. The idea is to absorb as much castor oil in the scalp as possible.

After hair and scalp massage, cover your head with a shower cap for at least one hour. Do not wash immediately after applying castor oil to your hair. Let castor oil completely absorb into scalp and hair before you wash it away.

Finally it is time to wash your hair. Shampoo your hair and ensure that you wash them completely to get rid of all the oil. Shampoo twice or thrice or as needed to remove all the oil from your head.

Tam MT 12 months ago

Hi Pauline I saw your comment and wanted to see if there are medical reasons why it’s not growing? But if that is too personal or you don’t have medical problems then it would definitely have to be on how they are asking you to do it. It’s actually wrong don’t wash your hair before applying (oil needs more oil to work) and get cold pressed or cold pressured castor oil not heated. You will know if it’s 100% castor oil when it says on the label ODORLESS/TASTELESS. I have been doing this for 2 months and the results are good. My hair is super thin and now it’s
wholesale hair actually getting thicker in the front and back. It brought back my natural hair color (happy). So hopefully this helps you.

Tam MT 11 months ago

Hi Sunny When you prepare don’t mix it up keep it the same preparation until you start seeing results then you can calm it down. Since you have oily hair it’s best to do it once a week. Use a disposable or regular shower cap and leave it in for only 30 minutes. Wash with shampoo that doesn’t have silicone added (example DOVE shampoos with no color). DO NOT wash hair before applying, make sure it’s a little wet just with plain water. DO NOT over wet it just put your hands under lukewarm water and place it on your hair. Dip your finger tips or pour a small amount onto your fingertips then massage it gently in circular motions close to the roots. Since you have to do it a different way you will see results (hopefully) in 4 weeks. As long as you do it the way I explained it might actually work. Try it and let me know if it does. Remember take pictures of before and after 4 weeks. Sometimes shampoo can do that depending on the ingredients. With too much silicone can clog your follicles so hair won’t be able to grow. When brushing your hair (do not comb) use a soft tip bristle brush.

When applying castor oil since your hair is oily do a treatment once a week. Before you start treatment take an image of the area that is not forming. Make sure the castor oil is NOT warm, it has to be a cool base. Also make sure the oil is 100% castor oil and not mixed you will know when the bottle says odor free and is tasteless. Take a small amount of the oil to your fingertips not palm, make sure you place on area and move your fingertips in a circular motion (slow) for 1 minute. If there are more than one area that needs treatment do the same amount of time and movement for each. Once you have done all the areas that needs attention take a shower cap (disposable or reusable) and leave it in your hair for 45 minutes. DO NOT wash hair before applying, only after the treatment.

The best shampoo to get is the kind that doesn’t have color in it. The color in the shampoo has silicone in it. I use DOVE shampoos for thin hair. It will have it on the label (for thin hair). Make sure you use the same conditioner, making a note to this when washing hair on a regular basis make sure you don’t over wash or under wash. Every other day or every 3 days is best.

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