Amazing Hairstyles for Dip

Amazing Hairstyles for Dip

Did You Know?You can dip dye your hair using food coloring! Which means that you can color your hair as many times as you like without damaging it.

Dip dyed hair is by far the hottest trend that is doing the rounds lately and these hot splashes of color are spreading like wildfire! There is something for everyone, and it’s all about choosing the color combination that defines you for that day, week, month, or season. Anyone who is stylish enough to brave this revived hairstyle trend is welcome aboard to dive deep into the art of dip dying tresses. These days it is hard to not spot a starlet sporting a dip dyed hairdo on the red carpet and with that, it is natural to have the trend pouring into the mainstream fashion among the lesser mortals.

While the dip dyed effect is conventionally applied on longish hair, the recent trend suggests that taking chances with updos is becoming equally popular. After all, if everyone starts looking the same, it’s time to start making some visible changes. Here are some amazing hairstyles for dip dyed hair on Buzzle, that look great on just about anyone!

The Ombr look is for keeps because not all ladies appreciate bright vibrant colors, at least not on their hair. For the traditional brunette, the sober and time tested formula of combining shades of brown and blond is still the safest thing to do. Bronde and balayage are some more familial shades of blond that look absolutely gorgeous! Those who wish to maintain the length of their hair and not snip the last season’s regrowth, can work around the faded ends to give a brand new dip dyed effect. Much like Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Ciara, the ladies out there can also take the added risk of adding a few dipped highlights on the upper shaft of their hair, and let the color flow into the ends. The dip dye looks stunning on hairstyles such as the pixie, quiff, and even the outrageous mohawk! The slightly grown out shorter hairdos such as the buzz cut can be dipped in some of the hottest colors of this season, which include black, silver, and all shades of blue, green, pink, and purple. Do not hesitate to spike up or side sweep your dyed hair. You could also choose to color the longer sides of the hair with a darker shade and lighten the shading as it reaches the super cropped ends.

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